The President Of Pop Guides Listeners Towards Deeper Consciousness On New Single “Fly/Shine”

The President of Pop guides fans, audiences, and the general public towards deeper consciousness of the self and the world around us on his new single, “Fly/Shine,” an electro-rap single that sees him releasing his most important work so far. After his debut single, “Google-ized by Google’s Eyes (The No Internet Song),” released earlier this summer, “Fly/Shine” comes as a confirmation of his raw talent. The President of Pop is a detail-oriented artist who makes sure each segment has a purpose, both lyrically and sonically, while his vocals are the highlight of the track. 

The dreamy soundscape is flawlessly produced, incorporating electronic effects and fun chord progressions that support his vocal performance, one he carries through by alternating between rapping and singing, with never a dull moment throughout the over 3 minute track. 

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