From Sampling To Rapping And Instrumental Prod, Hipster Conspiracy Goes All In On Debut Album Dysphoria

Debuting transgender artist Hipster Conpiracy has just release her first album titled Dysphoria,  introducing herself to the world this record that well-mirrors her emotional approach towards music, always experimenting with new blends and exploring new sonic paths. 

The extremely imaginative tracklist wonderfully reflects her journey battling inner demons, depression, and anxiety, shedding light on such issues in a clear and utterly impactful manner, and combining all elements to reach audiences to their core and help raise awareness regarding depression and substance abuse, and the destructive consequences they can have on someone’s life.

From sampling to rapping and creating beautiful instrumentals, she goes all-in on this debut, taking all the risks that we are most certain will pay off. From indie to hip-hop, whilst still preserving fragments of her alt-rock influences, she delivers her subtle vocals, allowing her to open up on her personal experiences with accepting her transgender identity in a society that doesn’t do much to help. The eerie instrumental soundscapes set the tone, while she experiments with out-of-the ordinary use of sound effects throughout.

Today, she stands as an independent artist, inspired by many artists and combining both her past and present influences as a solo artist who loves both dark and introspective lyrical themes, but also comments on political issues with a sharp opinion. Keep Hipster Conspiracy on your radar because she is about to go big with this major debut album. 

Stream Dysphoria Here.

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