Watch NYC During Lockdown On New American Greed’s Music Video For “Together”

Covid-19 has been a huge inspiration for artists from all genres for the past few months. We got music videos, albums, EPs, and visuals – all to empower audiences and help out listeners surviving these troubling times. 

American Greed released, so far, one of the most outstanding pieces of work related to the coronavirus. The rock’n’roll band created a music video for their latest single ‘Together’ that displays New York City all empty and abandoned during the first week of the lockdown. Shots of empty streets, parks, and shops give a post-apocalyptic feeling of anxiety and loneliness. American Greed sends a very special message with the single – you are not alone, we are all together in this. Even if the cities seem to be empty, they are filled with souls united in the lockdown. 

Stream the song on YouTube and Spotify: 

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