Lékan Tella Channels Authentic Emotions On New Visuals For ‘Savannah Red’

Nigerian-American singer and songwriter Lékan Tella has just released his latest and much anticipated music video for his new single, “Savannah Red”. Tella creates his own kind of urban music, between 80’s pop and 90’s r&b, and adds some electro textured instrumentals to support his ethereal melodies and harmonies. The overall sound, and his voice, are simply unbelievably beautiful, and in one track, “Savannah Red” manages to offer infinite emotions, all relatable thanks to his acute portrayal of a common life situation. 

This magnificent music video captures the essence of a relationship about to end, and no matter how many times this has happened in our private lives, when a talented soul like Tella finds the way to channel it so powerfully, it always provokes the same heartfelt emotions, as if we were in that very situation. 

Equipped with a retro, playful and danceable beat and melody, “Savannah Red” sees Tella unleash his soft, delicate, and masterful vocals, confirming the striking talent critics first witnessed on his debut single, “Emptiness.” 

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