Dylan Joseph Sings About A City Girl In Love With The Country Boys – “City Dime”

Thousand Oaks, CA-bred country music singer-songwriter Dylan Joseph is dropping a new single “City Dime,” confirming the immense talent listeners witnessed on his previous releases, “44,” “Closer To You,” and “Just Friends”. Rapidly becoming a prominent figure in the country music world, Dylan Joseph is also displaying his effortless mastery when it comes to fusing his favorite style of music with other influences like rock and pop. 

Inspired by his father who was a professional drummer, Dylan Joseph picked up music early in age, and self-taught himself to play the drums at fourteen years old, and guitar later on. His fast-learning skills led him to quickly learn how to play his favorite country songs, which inspired him to create his own music. 

His latest single “City Dime,” is a song about a beautiful city girl who has followed her parents’ rules all her life, and can’t help but fall in love with country boys. Dylan Joseph’s latest releases are showing the young artist is as good at creating slow-paced music than more energized ones like “City Dime”. 

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