Audio: Haig Shahinian – “Mean Little Momma”

Haig Shahinian kicked off the weekend by unleashing a brand new track entitled “Mean Little Momma.” The unique single is fully written, and produced by the New York-based vocalist, who created an ode to vintage funk and jazz.

Haig Shahinian’s new release is a quite opposite of what he has revealed previously on his debut single “Losing My Mind,” which was an example of well-produced, and handbook 70s rock tunes.

“Mean Little Momma” has a very refreshing vibe and a notorious string of Latin sparks. As Shahinian shares with the audience his love-story, hearers have great fun with plot twists, unexpected tunes drop, and the festive sanctuary of vivid instruments.

So far Haig Shahinian and his new releases have been a source of amusing music experience, so stay tuned for new singles!

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