New Music Monday: DJ Elephante and actor Jack Falahee created Diplomacy

Two best friends decided to officially fulfill their dreams of having that “garage rock band.” They grew up together in Michigan, but now have both moved to L.A. to pursue separate passions.

DJ Elephante (Tim Wu) was there to take the EDM world by storm and Jack Falahee of “How to Get Away with Murder” was there for his acting career. As Falahee’s show slowly wraps up, he and DJ Elephante after 16 years of friendship decided to finally start the band Diplomacy and combine their passions.

“Music has always been a part of my life,” reflects Jack as he starts diving into the music world. He grew up with his dad playing Bluegrass music, him singing in the church choir and even trying to go to NYU for musical theater (but eventually shifted over to straight acting). Music has always been in the background for him and now he wants to start bringing it to the forefront.

“We talked about (making a band) so much that Tim put the pressure on me,” Jack shared, “We went to the studio started to do it as fun but then had others listen to the track and decided to take a stab at it.” They were in the studio for about 18 months before they started to truly feel what they wanted the band to sound like.

“In the beginning, we were almost making music more true to Tim’s solo career. It took us a while to rewind and go back to listen to the music we listened to growing up, our new influences and going out on the town to shows as often as we can,” Jack explained. This is how they started to figure out their sound and how to craft their first singles, “Silver Lake Queen” and “Iris.” 

Tim is much more experienced in the studio and would shoulder a lot of the work there. Jack would try to write the songs but had trouble coming up with fruitful lyrics until they decided to go back to previous writings Jack had.

“Tim knows I keep diaries. He would read through those and noticed I was much better at writing prose than I was at writing song lyrics,” Jack shared. “So we would kind of go through my diary and pick entries that we thought were provocative in some way and then we would take those into the studio and expand on these somewhat fragmented memories.” Once they started to get these lyrics together, Tim, who was a trained classical pianist, would head to the piano and Jack would try to hum some melodies to get the instrumental together. 

The EP that they’ve been working on and should be released later this month has been described by Jack as eclectic and that each song has a different flavor.

“Silver Lake Queen” was one of the entries. It pays homage to the neighborhood the band was created in and was released this past October.  Jack said this one they wanted to come out with a squash, so “Silver Lake Queen” is percussive, aggressive and energetic.

On the contrary, their latest single that just came out the tail end of January truly has a different flavor of being moodier. “Iris” is about a girl in Jack’s life that was talked about in these diary entries. They released this moodier, softer tune as a bridge to what their EP will have to offer.

We kind of have been pitching it as The Black Keys meets Flume. Lyrically it is somewhere between Glass Animals and Lana Del Ray,” Jack explains. He further shares that Tim told him, “You can’t predict the direction the music industry will go into…  just write what is true to your self and interesting and inspiring and challenging,” which they’ve been trying to take to heart as they’ve put together this new EP. The songs to them have been authentic and something they’ve been proud of. 

Follow them on social media at @diplomacy734 on Instagram and Twitter to keep updated on their new EP, which comes out February 19th, and upcoming tour dates.

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