Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch: September 2019

As a Milwaukee-based music website, it is our obligation to not only bring Milwaukee to the world, but bring the world to Milwaukee, as well. Five To Watch submissions are handled exclusively through ReverbNation.

As the summer winds down, and students return to school, there’s still a plethora of artists making incredible music, and as usual, we have the task of cutting thousands of Reverbnation submissions down to just five acts to feature. With that in mind, check out another edition of Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch for September 2019:

Loser Company (Los Angeles, CA)

There aren’t many bands that truly exude the strung out/rough and tumble rock and roll style with their sound any more, but Los Angeles band Loser Company definitely gives off that feel on their single, “Say Goodnight”. The track is just one of a string of singles from the band that will draw your attention, captivating you with their mix of lo-fi elements and clean pianos. With a sound comparable to bands like Spoon and The Raconteurs, Loser Company could easily do some big things in the near future.

Victoria’s Flight (Glasgow, Scotland)

UK indie rockers Victoria’s Flight have a bona fide hit on their hands with the appropriately named “Last Days of Summer”. The band has been around for the past few years, although they’ve mostly been gigging around their hometown as they start to build traction. With only a handful of songs out, and a well-polished sound to their tracks, there’s a healthy amount of potential for the band to do some big things in the future. There’s a storied tradition of European indie at this point, and Victoria’s Flight could be one of the next bands to etch their names into the history of the genre. Check out “Last Days of Summer” below:

Ricci and the Tic Tac Toes (Venice, CA)

California reggae act Ricci and the Tic Tac Toes bring a myriad of sound influences into the dub/reggae space. That’s heard on their single, “Wakayo”, which features elements of psych rock and world music in the upbeat song. The band spreads a message of peace and unity, and has been nominated for several awards for their performance. If you’re looking for a new, authentic reggae act to lean into, Ricci and the Tic Tac Toes may be your way to go. Check out “Wakayo” below:

Neiman Martin (St. Louis, MO)

Hip hop with substance has a residency in the Midwest, and while we know that in cities like Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis, that also reigns true for acts like St. Louis’ Neiman Martin. As you can hear on his single, “Progress”, Martin can mix flow, lyrics, and a backpacker type beat into one package and come out on the better side of things. As he works to develop a following, artists like Neiman Martin prove that hip hop is alive and well, and lyrics do matter. Check out “Progress” here:

Barefoot Modern (Boone, NC)

With an album last year and an EP released earlier this year, North Carolina indie band Barefoot Modern seem very productive for being around only a short time. However, the truth is that the band is the latest evolution of a near decade-long project of writing and recording, and arguably it’s strongest form yet. Singles like “Down”, which you can check out below, make this quartet something seriously interesting to hear, and likely will make you a fan in under four minutes. The band has already been nominated and won several awards locally, and only seems to be at the start of a productive career. Check out “Down”:

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