VIDEO: Guerrilla Ghost – “Whatever, I Don’t (Health) Care”

Local noise rap act Guerrilla Ghost isn’t one to shy away from their political stances in their music, and their release “Perpetually Sad Motion Machine” from last November reinforced that. Today, we have the premiere of a video from the album, “Whatever, I Don’t (Health) Care”. As you would guess, the song deals with health care issues, including the pharmaceutical industry, with Bad Graphics Ghost rapping about the lack of concern for humans while companies are profiting from pain. The lo-fi looking video features the band taking over your TV screen, invading a GGN special report and the Gerry Winters talk show. You can also catch Guerrilla Ghost live this Saturday as part of an early 4:00 PM bill with Rec Riddles, Nile and Whaler at X-Ray Arcade, but check out the new video for “Whatever, I Don’t (Health) Care” below:

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