Happy 44th Anniversary, Hip Hop.

Thank you, Kool Herc.

Today marks the 44th anniversary of DJ Kool Herc’s first block party in the Boogie Down Bronx, and essentially the dawn of hip hop as we know it. While it admittedly wasn’t my first music of choice when I was younger, my affinity for hip hop and the culture has grown exponentially since I was a kid, and will likely never stop growing. I wouldn’t consider myself an old head at this point, but I constantly seek out the history of hip hop and it’s roots. I’ll admit that I nerd out over the history of hip hop and it’s origins.

Today Google has a fun history about the concept of the break itself, and a beginner’s virtual DJ setup, that essentially lets you crossfade and scratch (with the BPM auto-synced to make things infinitely easier). There’s also a cool set of samples, with some of the most infamous breaks from back in the early days to give you a feel for some of what Herc was spinning. There’s also some pretty recognizable samples, and that’s where I came in.

In the spirit of recognizable samples, breaks, and interpolations, I’ll share one of my personal Spotify playlists with you, full of recognizable samples and familiar beats. Once you hear the sample, you’re gonna know what song it was used on almost immediately.  It’s kind of like Name That Tune, if you try hard enough. Put this on shuffle, and celebrate the art of the break and hip hop with the rest of the world today. Long live hip hop.

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