‘Sarantos’ Brags for His New Video Release – “… the Shadows”

Sarantos Represents His Award Winning Endeavors – Nominee Hopeful Video: “We Kiss in the Shadows” Debuts Worldwide

Since, 2014: Sarantos music managed over 33 award wins with Akademis LA Music, Beat 100, and a nominee for the International Music & Entertainments Awards and the Hollywood Songwriting Awards, according to sources. And earlier, MITM had a chance to spend hours investigating the talent of Sarantos. Fortunately, staying connected pays off.

The New Video Release from Sarantos

“Shadows are a normal part of everyday life. There are shadows all around us. They are everywhere. In this music video, I decided to trek around the America, but, no matter where O go or how far I travel, the shadows followed me. The shadows are always there, because they are a part of me, just lie they are a natural part of all of us. The shadows can hide many secrets. We can never escape them. Sometimes, they can offer us shelter.”

Sarantos continues… “No matter our age, color, sexual preference, culture or religion, we are all the same. We are all human. We laugh. We cry. We bleed. We all hide in the shadows sometimes. Occasionally, we can even get lost there. But, the shadows are not a prison. They are only what… we…want…them…or…allow…them…to…be….”







Official Music Video: Sarantos – “We Kiss In The Shadows”

[Courtesy of Sarantos Melogia]


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