Rodney Moore: ‘Freedom Isn’t Free: An Anthem For Sex Workers’

Rodney Moore Moves Forward With an Entertaining Song as a Montage

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Responsible for the ‘Scale Bustin’ Babes series, ‘She-Male Strokers’ series, and namely, ‘Horny Hairy Girls’ series Rodney Moore moves forward with an entertaining song as a montage created solely by his harmonic efforts. According to sources of adult entertainment, his work is a gift to adult entertainment enthusiasts. As decided, Moore posting his newest tune, ‘Freedom Isn’t Free: An Anthem For Sex Workers.’

The Video: ‘Freedom Isn’t Free: An Anthem For Sex Workers’

The video is stimulating, featuring images of the past concerning the reality of women being available for exploitation – ‘a montage of pornstars, prostitutes, strippers, and pro dommes’ dating back to the late 19th Century. This particular video, from Rodney Moore, is now available for viewing via the Internet on the YouTube website.

The Song: ‘Freedom Isn’t Free: An Anthem For Sex Workers’


Ideally meant to inspire sex-workers, the song acquires a combination of notes from the acoustic and electric guitar, and keyboards, along with the percussion; “He wants those kinds of workers to feel better about themselves.” The opening catch, “We give pleasure to you/Fantasy show and tell/You enjoy what we do/So don’t condemn us to Hell.”

Rodney Moore: Bio

As a quick go ever, Rodney Moore is an infamous adult entertainer. His birth name is David Perry.



Video: “Freedom Isn’t Free,” by Rodney Moore



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