INTERVIEW: Quinn Allman of VadaWave

The name VadaWave may not be on your radar just yet, but it definitely should be in the near future. The band is made up of husband and wife duo Quinn Allman (formerly of The Used) and solo artist Megan Joy. With the band’s debut EP, “Out Of Body”, set to release on December 9th, we caught up with Allman to find out what it was like to embark on the new venture, and learn about the process of creating their record.

B&E: How long have you two been playing music together? Were you a couple before the band began?

ALLMAN: We were introduced in 2010 by producer (and Goldfinger frontman) John Feldmann. We met up to start writing songs together but we ended up experiencing that corny, love at first sight biz. We spent the next few years building a life together and making/playing music just for ourselves. We both had so much going on between The Used and Megan’s solo career that we enjoyed keeping the music between as an outlet and quiet fulfillment. But a little over a year ago we found that we had so many songs at that point, and people wanted to hear what we’ve made that we decided to start slowly putting our songs out. “Out Of Body” just sort of manifested itself while we transitioned from our other projects into new ones.

B&E: Your debut EP, “Out Of Body” Comes out December 9th. What’s the most exciting part of putting this project out?

ALLMAN: I think one of the most exciting parts about releasing “Out Of Body” is that now we have a project in motion where the music that comes through us can always be breathing and be shared.  Also starting to play shows together this spring and summer is going to be amazing.  The most exciting and rewarding part of making music is just the process, watching the music you create come to life and take a form is unlike anything else.

B&E: There’s a lot going on on “Out Of Body”. What artists/sounds influenced this record?

ALLMAN: Oh man, we are both so influenced and inspired by so many artists. There wasn’t a specific sound or artist that we were trying to emulate but we really love artists that craft and fuse their own sound, whether its electronic or lo-fi grunge, we love it all.  Some modern artists that we really love include Grouplove, Little Dragon, Sia, Bjork, Animal Collective, Santigold…so much more than that.

B&E: I heard that there were trips through a fundamentalist church compound while writing this record. What was that experience like?

ALLMAN: Walking through the FLDS compound was crazy. We’ve lived super close to it for a few years and had no idea what it was, it had been abandoned for a while and was tucked in a secluded little area of our neighborhood. When we found out what it had been and what happened there we HAD to check it out. So we snuck in there on a few occasions. There was one huge main house, a couple smaller houses and a birthing house. There was a baptismal font, and all sorts of strange rooms with weird remnants. It definitely still had strange energies lurking in it. They tore it down last summer and built a new section of the neighborhood but for some reason Warren Jeffs’ house was left alone and is still up there, a concrete wall encasing it with a tall rusty gate still creeping us out every time we walk by.

B&E: Lastly, what are the plans following the album release?

ALLMAN: Once “Out Of Body” is out on the 9th we look forward to having a couple months of winter to breathe, enjoy the mountains and go back to our creative writing process that you miss so much when you start to focus on the other work that goes into releasing an album. We can’t wait to get started on the next album which is already half way there. We can’t wait for spring to roll around so we can find a couple of other players and start touring in the warm months. We also have a baby, due Dec. 11th soooo things are going to be busy and crazy and awesome.  Life is good.

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