VIDEO: Soul Low – “Be Like You”

Soul Low are many things as a band, and one of them is definitely comfortable on camera. In their latest video for “Be Like You” from the recently released “Nosebleeds” album, the soul dudes aren’t afraid to assume their “Leave It To Beaver” role as a nuclear family, or transition into goth rock superstars. In whichever look you’d prefer, the band has an incredibly catchy single, which deservingly has found a place in local radio playlists. Check out the video for “Be Like You” here:

UPDATE: Soul Low has released a statement via Facebook regarding concerns of poking fun at LGBTQ communities. The video’s premiere via another source had used a headline with the words “gender-bender” and “freaky”.

Hey everyone,

This was made aware to us and we needed to respond. We’re truly sorry that our video came off as offensive; we in no way meant to mimic or make fun of the queer/trans community. We are all supporters of queer/trans rights and sincerely did not mean to release a video that would say otherwise. We never want our music, videos, or shows to make anyone of any community feel objectified or marginalized and we’re embarrassed and ashamed that that took place with the new video.

The intent of the video was to show the band portraying a suburban family that did a weird goth thing at night; in our eyes the “freak flag fly” message was meant to make this point. We’re all straight white guys who didn’t think twice that our portrayal of these characters could be read as anything other than what we intended – which is problematic in and of itself. We should have included members of the queer/trans community to ensure that what we were doing wouldn’t be oppressive or misrepresentative of that community.

The language used in the article should have been accounted for. The ‘gender-bender’ bit should have been removed and we take full responsibility that that didn’t happen. The “freaky side” comment we interpreted as being attributed to the goth scenes; we never intended for that to be attributed to us using drag to be intentionally weird or crazy, mimicking people who are trans. Again, this was an ignorant error on our end and we take full responsibility.

We’re truly sorry about all of this and we’re sorry that this video hurt members of a community which we would never dream of insulting.

-soul low

Now that those concerns are addressed, let’s enjoy the video:

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