INTERVIEW: Malina Moye


If you’re a fan of guitar gods like Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix, you may have to make room for a new goddess in town, by the name of Malina Moye. Hailed as one of the Top 10 Female Guitarists in the World by Guitar World Magazine, Malina shows her skills every time she picks up an axe. Her latest album, “Rock N’ Roll Baby” is available now via Sony Records, and her single “K-yotic” featuring the legendary Bootsy Collins lit up the charts upon its release. With an international tour kicking off later this month, we caught up with Malina to get the latest info on what’s in store.

B&E: For those that haven’t heard of you, how would you describe your sound?

Funk-Rock in a contemporary style. I’d say Sly and the Family Stone meets Led Zeppelin, but contemporary.

B&E: You’ve been called a “Female Jimi Hendrix” for your similarities in playing style (being a lefty guitarist doesn’t hurt either). How do you feel when you get that comparison?

I’m flattered, but Jimi is the greatest guitarist of all time. I don’t think anyone can ever fill his shoes or even be in the same realm as a player. Being left-handed won’t make anyone sound like Hendrix. I’d like to think that my tone, phrasing and feel are more important than being left handed. I’m definitely influenced by Hendrix, but I have my own style, which is different than his.

B&E: Your upcoming tour supports your album, “Rock & Roll Baby.” What was the recording process for this album like?

We recorded a lot at Capitol Records in Los Angeles. It’s always fun playing live with a band—feeling each other’s grooves and energy. I recorded this way for half of the album, then, of course, some tracks we laid separately.

B&E: Your first single features Bootsy Collins. How was it to work with him?

Bootsy is the best. I wanted to get Bootsy to do an intro on the record, but he ended  up vocalizing on the entire song thus making it a duet. It was a real honor and privilege to be on a record with one of the founding fathers of Funk. Bootsy is a master of groove and precision.

B&E: You’ve supported acts like Robin Thicke. Do you prefer to support acts or would you rather play out on your own?

Robin is incredible he and his team were so giving and supportive. I think if you’re lucky enough to score incredible support slots, you have to do it. It’s a part of the process, gaining your own audience and learning. Of course, as a headliner, we get to call a lot of shots now. I think my fans have grown with me over the years.

B&E: Is the live experience different when you’re the focal point of the show, as opposed to the support?

I have to be honest here, not really. I love both aspects, but if you’re support for the Rolling Stones or for an arena act who happens to be in the top 20, it’s a great opportunity as an independent artist. Then if you go out and kill it, the audience is going to love you regardless, and the next time you come in and you’re the headliner, I guarantee some of them will be there for you.

B&E: Lastly, what is your favorite thing about playing live?

The magic and the energy all around, especially from the audience.

Malina Moye’s tour kicks off in late April and details, along with her latest album, “Rock N’ Roll Baby”, can be found at her official website.

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