Soundtracking the Bucks’ 90’s Night


The Bucks are bringing back their awesome 90’s night promotion again tonight, with a sweet Nickelodeon theme, and we only felt it was right to give it a proper soundtrack. Sure, anyone can crank out a playlist and declare it “What I Call Music! Volume 68,000”, but we were looking for songs with that definitive ‘90s sound. That means snares that sound like someone cracked a whip off of a canvas sheet, mid-tempo head nodders, and more bounce to the ounce, whatever that meant. Of course, we have to include Warren G to kick things off, however, because he’s not only providing a performance at the game, but also responsible for arguably the funkiest 90’s hip hop hit, “Regulate” (actually Michael McDonald is, but that’s a story for a different day). Side note: The “Keenan and Kel” theme song is not on Coolio’s greatest hits album, otherwise it would be included as well. Here’s some of the most definitively 90’s sounding tracks we could think of:

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