Pop Punk Trick-Or-Treat

Let’s face it, cover songs are a lot like Halloween costumes; while they’re not the real thing, some are great, some are really clever, some are actually genuinely scary, and a lot of them suck. That being said, this week I divulged into Hopeless Records’ “Punk Goes…” series. Now, there should be a disclaimer here that many of the bands featured are  not really that “punk”. There’s some pop-punk, a hefty dosage of screamo, and some synth pop stuff. But hey, when you can’t call your album “Warped Tour Bands Play Covers”, “Punk Goes (genre)” will have to work. Here’s some of the best treats from what I found:

*Bonus album review: If you make your way to the actual compilations at some point, avoid “Punk Goes 90’s, Volume 2”. It’s a general waste of your time with the exception of the Chunk! No Captain Chunk! cover of “All Star” that we have featured here. You’re welcome.

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