Top ten songs of 2014

2014 has been quite a fun and diverse year for great music. From Joyce Manor to Anberlin to Ed Sheeran. It’s finally time to rank the best this year has had to offer. Warning: This list is going to be weird because it is my own. Music elitists beware.

10. An Introduction To The Album – The Hotelier

Currently one of the best in the new wave of emo, The Hotelier released the inspiring Home, Like Noplace Is There. If you don’t who they are than this is the song for you. With mellow guitars, crashing drums, and powerful lyrics delivered with confidence, An Introduction To The Album is the best emo song of this year.

9. Centuries – Fall Out Boy

More than a year after the hiatus Fall Out Boy have shown no signs of slowing down. Sick of My Songs? That’s ok, they have another hit for you. With Patrick sounding better than ever singing Pete’s empowering lyrics, Centuries won’t be leaving your ears anytime soon.

8. Armageddon – Anberlin

Unfortunately, this is Anberlin’s final year but they made sure to leave with a bang. Simply press play, turn it up, close your eyes, and just lose yourself. They’ve left their mark in rock and roll history.

7. Your Graduation – Modern Baseball

Showing promise in Sports, Modern Baseball knocked it out of the park with You’re Gonna Miss It All. Lead single Your Graduation is the anthem for all posi kids. You just can’t help but sing your lungs out to that chorus.

6. West Coast – Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey definitely surprised me with this one. The opening, while good, felt a little dry when all of a sudden that guitar riff sends you straight into a dream. No human can’t resist her. No one I tell you.

5. Why Worry – Set It Off

This song is so catchy, it’s insane. Cody Carson certainly wasn’t holding back on this one. Big things await Set It Off.

4. Just Saying – 5 Seconds Of Summer

5SOS manage to bring back the fun of my generation’s scene into the mainstream. While the lyrics are straight to point, it’s the energy behind all the roaring instruments and vocals that cause you to sing your heart out. These guys aren’t going anywhere.

3. Killpop – Slipknot

The masters of metal are back with a very impressive follow up to All Hope Is Gone. Killpop (ironic title) manages to blend their signature melodic and heaviness perfectly. Even if you’re not much of a metal fan, you’ll love this.

2. Erase – Copeland

Speaking of comebacks, Copeland reunited out of nowhere and dropped quite possibly the best album of 2014. Erase is proof on what music can do to a person. Powerful.

1. Blank Space – Taylor Swift

What else is there to say? The message behind the video/lyrics. How it’s all disguised as an incredible pop song. Taylor Swift is our heroine when it comes to the media in music.


So there it is. Haters gonna hate.


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