Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 9/5/14 – Ugly Brothers

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the week is Ugly Brothers, a six-piece, indie group with their own signature sound. With a wide array of different sounds available to them, the group blends unconventional instruments like the chello, mandolin, banjo, and violin into a fun mix that keeps you guessing what’s coming next. The group recently released their self titled debut EP, four tracks that show off the group’s impressive range.

Ugly Brothers’ EP carries a bit of it’s own distinct twang to it. The country and classical instruments provide each of the four songs with something special. Keeping things upbeat throughout most of the release, the band knows how to get you singing along. With a mix of male and female voices (everyone in the band adds their vocals at some point), this release almost sounds like an indie band crafted a musical. There’s just enough quirk within each song to make it incredibly personable. That’s often hard to do for an indie band.

The standout track on this EP, in my opinion, is “Topeka”; a bouncy mix of banjo, group vocals, and that same musical like quality to it. There’s not much else to it, but there really doesn’t need to be. Even the closing song, “Caroline”, which carries a more mellow tune at the beginning, ends with a fun flourish of sounds. Ugly Brothers’ know how to craft a catchy tune, and they definitely do that with this collection of songs. Stream the EP below, and try not to sing or bounce along:

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