Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 8/29/14 – AR Wesley

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is AR Wesley, a young rapper with an incredible amount of potential. While he is currently preparing his next release, “’92 Drug Flowz” for release, Wesley already has a solid project under his belt with his last release “N)ights O)n W)ater)”. From the first verse that you hear him spit, you can already hear the influence of classic hip hop on his delivery. There’s definitely also influence from artists that work to keep real hip hop alive, such as Lupe Fiasco and Outkast. All of that is embodied into AR’s sound, giving him something that fans of real hip hop can embrace.

Aside from his flow, AR’s subject matter is of substance to the listener, which again in many instances makes him standout amongst the crowd. Wesley in many ways, is a modern take on the 90’s hip hop sound that he was raised on. In addition, his family also introduced him to jazz and R&B of that era, which undoubtedly shaped his sound and style, as well.

“N)ights O)n W)ater” is a solid product on it’s own, but AR is also gearing up for “’92 Drug Flowz”, which will be released this September. To couple with the project, Wesley has also been releasing a number of freestyles and excluded songs to Soundcloud as well. AR keeps writing, recording, and releasing, and we’ll hear more from him shortly. Check out his video for “Ready Or Not” below, as well as a recent freestyle, and all of “N)ights O)n W)ater” as well.

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