AUDIO: Jerry Lee Lewis – “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown”

I always have a weird obsession with lost or hidden recordings, and this one is a fun one for sure. While we all have probably heard Jim Croce’s version of this song, Jerry Lee Lewis covered the song at some point in the late 70s. In what sounds like it definitely would end up as a throwaway record, it’s now being released as the first single to the Knox Phillips sessions. If you don’t know Knox Phillips, he is the son of Sam Phillips, founder of the legendary Sun Records label in Memphis. Jerry Lee Lewis’ first recordings were done at the Sun Records’ studios, so this all comes full circle. Also, Jerry Lee Lewis proclaims that he’s “Struck again with a 14 million seller underground record” at the end of the track. He was bragging on records before your favorite rapper, kids.

Check out the song here via Soundcloud.


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