Quick Thought on Festival Ettiquette.

This summer I have been a busy. I have traveled to Manchester Tennessee for Bonnaroo, hit up Milwaukee’s 11 day Summerfest, and just recently arrived home from the 3 indulgent of Lollapalooza. I haven’t had time to write much this summer because I work two jobs and I am helping a professor with research, but I have a quick thought I needed to share that I observed between the three.

The three festivals range so far differently from one another especially when it comes to the aspect of treating the people around you. At Bonnaroo there is a heavy encouragement of spread the good vibes, help out a homie, and don’t be that guy. In short form be nice, if someone is needing help, help them, and try not to be the reasoning behind someone’s time being ruined. At Summerfest it is more or less families during the day and at night a lot of younger people run rampant drunk or not, some annoying but never too much to handle. Then there is Lollapalooza… Now Lolla has everything from 11 am – 10 p.m. There is babies all the way up to seventy year olds, and everything in between… There’s no guidelines on how to for Lolla, and a lot of the crowd is there to go to EDM or dance at Perry’s and that is a whole different story.. My thought on the matter is at one point this last weekend at Lolla there was a girl probably about 19 passed out in her own vomit and still puking, while her friends stood and listened to who I don’t even know who. My friend and me stopped because girl was about to choke, and that’s when her friends started noticing and trying to help but at the point the police showed up so my friend and I excused ourselves… Lolla could prevent these things if they set up more rules of how to treat your neighbor, like help out your homies, be safe could be vital, and just be nice. People were walking by the girl and scoffing, I mean I did too but safety first then teamwork!

My point is if you got any festivals this next month, help out strangers don’t just walk by. Notice if your friends have drank too much or taken stuff that is effecting how hydrated they are, just be aware of everything going on! That girl got lucky, but she could have had some serious problems if she was left too long.

Remember festivals should have only the goodest of the good vibes.

I will be posting more soon, sorry for the hiatus  (cough allen cough)

But there is no encouragement to be safe and helpful, instead the atmosphere can

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