VIDEO: Grip Featuring Strapp & Muja Messiah – “Turn Up”

Now… okay. Before I go any further, I should clarify something. I get a lot of submissions for songs with titles including some variation of “Turn Up” or “Turn Down For What”… and a lot of times I just let them pass, as I’m sure a lot of bloggers do. However, I gave this video a shot, and I’m actually kind of glad that I did. I’m not really even sharing this video for the song, although the beat is definitely catchy and I can see where it could have some staying power. Instead, I’m sharing this video for it’s originality. Grip skipped the big grand party scenes for the most part, and avoided all the “we outchea” shots of him rapping in the streets that I see far too often. Instead, Strapp, Muja Messiah and himself went another direction, and actually had fun with hip hop. And that’s what it’s about, really. Having fun. Go make an original video like this one, kids. Check out “Turn Up” below:

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