AUDIO: Tim Crispy – “We’re In Love With Mallory” (Mallory Edens Tribute)

If you didn’t see the NBA Draft Lottery, Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens’ daughter Mallory represented the team, as it’s common to send a “good luck charm” to the stage. However, Edens 18-year-old daughter became the subject of creeps on the internet everywhere for her looks, and then this happened. Literally the day after the draft, Tim Crispy put his own version of The Ramones’ “We’re A Happy Family” online, proclaiming his love for Mallory Edens. As a Ramones fan, and a Milwaukee Bucks fan, I’m really bummed that this happened. I may have actually mumbled “hey, this sounds like… oh no” see for yourself:

And, because I couldn’t let you get away with just listening to that version of the song, here’s the original “We’re a Happy Family” by The Ramones. You’ll like this one better.

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