Breaking And Entering To Become Part Of Facebook Sound


I am thrilled to announce that Breaking And Entering has been acquired by Facebook, and will now be part of a new hyper-local project called Facebook Sound. As of today, I will no longer be affiliated with the site, other than receiving an occasional paycheck.

Mark Zuckerberg initially reached out to me about Sound when his attempt to acquire Snapchat fell through. Out of the despair of that business deal,  he green lit the Sound project, which connects a network of local music blogs from around the world to showcase what people around you are actually listening to. Much like Paper, Facebook’s news app, Sound will be tailored to the user and his preferences, unless somebody comes through with some ad money, in which case the user will be forced to listen to that artist, with no skips allowed. It’s an effort to widen the listener’s musical taste, really. I’m on board with it.

So with that, I say goodbye. I’ve had a lot of fun with Breaking And Entering over the past five years, and wouldn’t change that for anything. Plus, I was getting burnt out with all of the emails I sifted through, and all of the posts I have written, only to be trumped by guys that have been doing this longer than me with stronger connections that just decide to start their own website. So screw it. I’m going to retire now, collecting royalties from Facebook Sound. I sincerely wish you the best. Continue to support local music, Milwaukee.

– Allen

P.S.: This is my homage to OnMilwaukee, who do things like this every year on April Fool’s Day. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit their website today for more great articles.

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