It’s Almost Summer!

Oh no, but oh yeah it’s almost my favorite time of the year! FESTIVAL SEASON!

After seeing Cochella’s and Bonnaroo’s line-up I can already sense how sad my bank account is about to be for the next few months, possibly even years. I am interested in seeing how these huge line-ups impact the rest of the big season’s line-up with Lollapalooza another one of the largest festivals releases their line-up in April, competing with things like Outkast, Beck, and Arcade Fire headlining Cochella. Bonnaroo having Elton John… I don’t really want to keep typing they have freaking Elton John, he did the soundtrack for the Lion King so even if you hate Crocodile Rock he’s a legend to me. Ask the Simba  currently chilling on my bed. Really though Bonnaroo has four huge solo names in a row that are amazing: Elton, Kanye West, Jack White, and Lionel Richie. They took all of the new and old and smashed into a four day weekend that if I get to go to I will cry… a lot.

I am nervous though as an avid Lollapalooza attendee their last big headliners were acts they’ve book in the last five years discluding the Postal Service and the Cure. (personally I didn’t enjoy The Cure) so Perry is starting to get a little redundant and up against huge names at Bonnaroo and Cochella maybe people will skip Lolla and say it’s not worth it… However that’s highly improbable it’s Lollapalooza after all. The Chicago skyline as a backdrop is the most amazing thing you get to experience.

Spring Awakening is another festival that’s going to be competing with the big name festivals especially after last year and the introduction of Big Grizmatik (if you’re not into EDM you won’t understand but look it up, it’s awesome.) The festival takes place in the woods and is similar to Bonnaroo but maybe arguable to be more ridiculous, but I haven’t been to either yet so I will get back to that.

Festival Season is kick starting Spring Break however it’s a festival of more then just music and is a little different from the other big names. There are shows in venues and on the street. It also has movies and can arguably be a smaller, mellowed down version of Bonnaroo.

Obviously the largest festival I need to promote is Milwaukee’s own Summerfest. Which is perfect for college kids in the summer. For two weeks you have a show to go to, and pretty much everyone you know is there too. Last year I saw a band I’ve loved since I was 5 and went by myself and made nice with a bunch of older folks who kept asking “how in the heck do you know Cracker, aren’t you like 17.” They were close 20 is like 17, but that’s how summerfest felt every day. I was around an assortment of interesting people and they were all there for a sole purpose, or to drink heavily. Regardless it is a must for anyone from the midwest to hit up Summerfest at least once in their life.

No matter what festivals you go to this next several months whether it is on the east coast, west coast, midwest, or even in the middle of nowhere just remember: 1. go see a couple artist you’ve never heard of 2. bring water 3. sneak in some crackers or small snack because food at festivals is expensive 4. dress accordingly 5. have fun! (obviously)

Let me know what festival(s) you’re looking forward to!

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