A Guide to Concerts for the Rest of the Semester

GUYSS!!! It’s the most magical time of year when snow covers the ground and we all get sad and cooped up inside! WOOT!

Ok jokes and snow aside, Winter is actually prime concert going season. Bands make their most money anymore going on tours. (think about it more people download albums, then purchase them anymore) I am a proud supporter of go to all the concerts! Living in Milwaukee just makes it all even easier, we have not only amazing venues in Milwaukee itself, but if you are adventurous you can also hit up Madison or Chicago. We are so stinking lucky!

As proof there are shows to go to, I went to two shows two Saturdays in a row. I am just lucky because I love music all across the board so I am in no way picky, except I probably won’t be attending the next Insane Clown Posse show that comes through (which it will probably next Janurary.) Last week I tried a campaign to try to interview New Politics though unsuccessful (their management company stopped e-mailing #bummer.) Anyways despite the sour note, the show was amazing and I had a blast. This past weekend I got lucky and got to go to Big Gigantic, which even if EDM isn’t your scene dance music and live saxophone is amazing, which is a direction a lot of dancier music is trying to go because they need to stand out.

In celebration of my great weekends, and as encouragement for you over the next few months I have compiled a list of shows I am excited to be going to and ones I am going to try to go to, though probably won’t. I am not telling which ones I am or am not going to, except Queens of the Stoneage because it’s QOTSA.) I encourage you to check some or all of them out might as well because why not get out of the apartment and ignore the blizzards for an hour or so.


  1. February 26 at Turner Hall – Paper Diamon
  2. March 1 at The Rave – Krewella (It’s a great first EDM show if you’re unsure about that genre)
  3. March 2 at Turner Hall – Cloud Cult
  4. March 13 at Turner Hall – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
  5. March 15 at The Rave – Slightly Stoopid
  6. March 21 at The Rave – Childish Gambino
  7. March 23 at The Rave – Young the Giant
  8. March 29 at The Rave – Juicy J (I’m unsure about this one actually but it definitely could be fun!)
  9. April 4 at Turner Hall – St. Vincent
  10. April 5 at The Riverside – The Head and the Heart
  11. April 6 at The Rave – Switchfoot (Unless you’ve seen them live you wouldn’t understand why I am encouraging this heavily!)
  12. April 10 at The Rave – Griz
  13. April 11 at The Rave – Hardwell (One of my friends is making me excited about this one.)
  14. April 13 at Turner Hall – Toadies
  15. April 17 at Turner Hall – Beats Antique
  16. May 7 at The Riverside – Queens of the Stoneage (I will be seeing them in Chicago)
  17. For myself I just want to say don’t worry I will be at Foster the People in Chicago in May, so you should be too. I think it is May 18.
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