For What It’s Worth, an Introduction

Hello, all Breaking And Entering readers! My name is Josh Ranft, and I will be writing and posting articles relevant to the MKE music scene. The reason why I want to write for B&E is twofold. First, I am an aspiring journalist. I currently study Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Music is my passion and writing is my trade, so I thought, “Why not combine the two?” Second, the Milwaukee music scene is abuzz with great individual artists/bands and even better people, and I want to try my very best to recognize the talent of individuals and bands in the scene, as well as those behind the scene (promoters, those who run venues, etc.). It is a very tight-knit and welcoming community. There is truly something great happening here.

With that, I hope that you as readers will continue to flock to B&E for the best coverage of the Milwaukee music scene. Thank you for reading.

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