Sports Show Things Have Music Sometimes.

I know what you’re thinking “But Noelle you didn’t watch any of the superbowl..” Don’t worry guys, the internet exists for a reason.

I watched the halftime show last night while the last quarter was being played, and I mean it was a show I guess. I don’t hate Bruno Mars, so don’t think that’s why I am unexcited about it. I LOVE Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I’ve seen them live. I just I think my problem was last year Beyonce KILLED IT. I was sitting in my dorm last year anticipating the performance so much so I think I even hyperventilated when it started.

It’s not that I thought this year’s show was bad. On the contrary, Bruno’s performance was amazing. He delivered and left me pretty satisfied. I think I just thought it was a bit dumb that RHCP only got one song, and I personally didn’t want the song they played, I had like 5 other choices in my head over that one. It worked and all together everyone on the stage nailed it. But I just thought this year’s performance was disappointing. Maybe it was just because the game was disappointing. Maybe I am just really picky, or maybe it’s because none of them were my girl BEYONCE. Either way, if you liked it cool. If you’re like me and liked it, but were underwhelmed.. Just go back an rewatch Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons at the Grammy’s it’ll lift your spirit.

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