My Grammy Appreciation Post.

In all honesty I felt conflicted performance wise this year over what exactly what was my favorite. I am in love with Beyonce and so, of course I loved “Drunk in Love” with Jay-Z. I’ve seen Nine Inch Nails three times, but they got cut short, so a little flying bird to the grammy’s, but the performance was amazing what we got to see. Lorde… I am just going to leave it at that. I was really surprised as what I decided was my favorite.

I actually really dislike Imagine Dragons, and I haven’t listened to Kendrick Lamar that much, but their collaboration of “Radioactive” and “M.A.A.D City” was one of the most creative collabs I have seen presented at the grammy’s in a few years.

Even if you dislike rap, or like me dislike Imagine Dragons, there is no argument in the energy on stage is explosive. It’s effortless how the songs blend it to one another. Taylor Swift’s super gawky dancing didn’t hurt either.

I honestly can’t quit geeking about the performance it just makes me excited music is still such an important aspect of our culture. People don’t have agree with who won what, Hesitation Marks should have won best rock album… Anyways, but there needs to be more amazing performances like this year after year.

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