Macaulay Culkin Has A Pizza Themed Velvet Underground Cover Band

File this one under WTF. Macaulay Culkin (yes, the kid from Home Alone) has a Velvet Underground cover band. Not that weird, right? Wrong. It’s all pizza themed. Yeah. You heard me. Pizza themed. They’re called The Pizza Underground, and personally, I can’t wrap my head around it. With songs like “Take a Bite of the Wild Slice” and “Cheese Days”, this is a novelty/weird offshoot/downward spiral all in one. Worse yet, they have plans to tour North America, including a stop at this year’s South by Southwest. Here’s the “band” performing in Brooklyn.

As the top comment from YouTuber Wolfgang Poole states, “They are all so high.” My brain hurts.

Watch their creepy music video (featuring Macaulay Culkin singing with a pizza mask!) via NME here.

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