Second Story – A Texas Trio You Haven’t Heard Of.

Looking for new music? Well here’s a Texas trio you (probably) haven’t heard of… yet. About a week or so, I got a new follower on Twitter, of course it was a band that I haven’t heard of. I waited for the spam message, but it never came. After finally getting some free time, I sat down and took a listen via their Facebook page  I was amazed, I am still puzzled as to who they sound like, but it’s familiar and different all at once. I guess the best “who they sound like” ‘s that I can currently think of are The Dangerous Summer with a little bit of either Transit or Man Overboard. If you’re fans of “pop punk”, I would recommend checking them out. The other great thing about Second Story? They’re releasing their first CD. Congratulations guys!

If you don’t want to commit just yet there are free downloadable links for certain songs on their Facebook page, along with links to their You Tube channel, where you can listen to more of their music, for free of course.

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