Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 2/8/13 Big Kev

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Big Kev

We first caught wind of Big Kev when we launched our MKE Radio player a few months ago. Kev is a part of the Aviator Team, a group of young, talented emcees coming straight out of high school. The entire group has a similar sound, but all of them have an ear for quality music, and it’s reflected in the projects that they put out. Big Kev’s latest release is “Smoke and Mirrors”, an 11 song mixtape released this week. The tape flows from one style to another, starting with a few street ready tracks at first, including a few features that add to the mix. Then, Kev takes a turn with “Misses Right” and “O.C.G”, a brief departure from the harder tracks. After that Big Kev brings it home with a few uptempo tracks, showing off his ability to transition from beat to beat and hold his own. All in all, Smoke and Mirrors is another quality Aviator release, and is something definitely worthy of being showcased, which is what we like to do. It’s impressive to see how many artists in Milwaukee aren’t even old enough to get into a bar, but already have developed a quality sound and have are dedicated to creating a complete sounding product. The Aviator team is a prime example of this, and Big Kev is no exception.

Check out Smoke And Mirrors:

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