New Year, New… Whatever.

What’s up, everyone. Long time, no talk.

So, let me fill you in on what’s going on. If you follow us on any of the social media sites that we have, you’ve seen that our new shirts finally came in. I’m so relieved. To be honest, I thought for awhile that I got scammed by our distributor in India, or as I would call it, getting “punjabbed.” (I don’t know if that’s offensive. If it is, sorry.) Anyway, Please tell all of your friends, neighbors, relatives, that weird guy in the office, and whoever else to go buy one. I would appreciate it greatly.

2013 is going to be a crazy year. I’m predicting it now. For me, especially, but for Breaking and Entering as well. We’re going to try to do a lot more to get our name out there. With that being said, let’s work on some deals. If you know anyone that might be willing to collaborate with us on some projects, be it promotions, sponsoring things, or really any sort of deal that helps us put a name and logo somewhere, we’re interested. Nothing is too obscure for us, because we’re obscure at the moment. We’d like to change that.

I’m also going to work on having more physical locations where you can purchase our shirts. We did a block party appearance in summer and it was a great experience. So, shop owners, contact me. Provided that the fees stay the same, we’ll be looking into doing the Milwaukee Marketplace at Miller Park. I still have to look into other shows, but it would be cool to see some of the people that support us in person, as well as get out to meet some new people. Again, if anybody has any ideas, we’re definitely open to consider them.

On the music side of things, please keep sending in submissions to us. We discovered a lot of new talent via submissions in 2012, and I always like to see more. We also got to showcase people who I felt didn’t receive enough of the spotlight in Milwaukee, and I want to keep doing that as well. One of those incredible talents is Taiyamo Denku. If you haven’t heard him, check out his new track right now. Talents like him are the reason that I push to support Milwaukee music and have done so since the earliest days of Breaking and Entering:

There’s a lot of incredible things going on in Milwaukee, people just need to see it.

With that, I wish everyone a great 2013. Thanks for reading this.


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