Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 10/26/12 – Taiyamo Denku

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Taiyamo Denku is long overdue for the Milwaukee Artist of the Week spotlight to be on him. If you’ve ever seen him live, you’ve seen his mind blowing freestyle ability. Denku brings it on every track, though. His sound and delivery make him one of a select few in Milwaukee that have an authentic, classic hip hop sound. Denku is also known to go off script at times, and will freestyle his entire set, rather than sticking to his own written songs. There aren’t many artists that have the ability to take a freestyle and keep it going throughout their entire time on stage, but Taiyamo Denku isn’t like a lot of other artists. His latest full release on Uncommon Records, “Quadrofiendia”, also packs a lyrical punch as well. His talent and passion to make classic hip hop has garnered the attention of hip hop legends like Keith Murray and Sadat X, who have collaborated with him in the past.

Check out the video for “Unhandled Crossings”, from “Quadrofiendia” here:

Oh yeah, here’s some of that amazing freestyle ability we mentioned before:

For more Taiyamo Denku, check out his Facebook, Twitter, and his feature on the Uncommon Records website.

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