Logic & Raze – “…STILL Untitled”

So… I’ve been busy working on things. School things, video things, work things, radio things. Whatever. Things in general. I’ve got the day off today, so I’m attempting to try to catch up on all of the Milwaukee music that’s come out in the last few weeks. Logic & Raze’s “…STILL Untitled” album was at the top of my list, though. Raze brings it on every album he touches, and from what I’ve heard every other producer on here (Jihad, Lou Tang, DJ Jynxx) does the same. This album is available as a download, which you can buy right from the player below this post, or as a bundle on Bandcamp, which includes a T-shirt and physical copy of the album. From what I’ve heard, the inside cover art is hilarious enough to make the bundle purchase more than worth it.

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