Tion Fresco & Jay Alexzander

It’s always cool to give new talent some exposure. If you’ve been to Sunday Cyphers at Flow Clothing, you’ve heard of Tion (at least that’s where I met him). Then he sent me this gem of a track. Tion Fresco and Jay Alexzander are just a sample of the new generation of Milwaukee hip hop, eager to get some attention. These dudes actually deserve it though. Please check out “This Moment”:

And, as is customary for all rappers, verses over “Otis” by Jay-Z & Kanye West. This, however is definitely one of the better Otis freestyles I’ve heard. He said he was gonna rip out a dude’s gums and feed him a sherbert. (WHAT?!) That line alone was enough to sell me on this track. Go get familiar Tion Fresco like… now.

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