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VIDEO: Kanye West – “All Day” Live at the Brit Awards

Yeezy back. The 2015 Brit Awards saw the debut of the new Kanye West track “All Day”. Nothing short of previous Kanye appearances, this had everything you could have wanted; a super awkward introduction from Kim Kardashian, “Left Flamethrower”, which didn’t seem to work, Taylor Swift getting down to this sick beat(©), and numerous celebrities looking less than enthused with

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AUDIO: Tyga – “40 Mill”

Not to be confused with Milwaukee producer 40 Mil, Tyga dropped a new track entitled “40 Mill” on Wednesday. The track is Tyga in “Well Done” mode, sounding larger than life on an electro-trap style beat. The biggest headline from this song, though, is that it’s co-produced by Kanye West. There’s definitely a unique flavor that Yeezy provides to the

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AUDIO: Tia London – “Kanye Rant”

Remember those Freshman Adjustment mixtapes that Kanye West put out early in his career? Specifically the amount that Kanye talked about how many records he had that were unreleased? Well, a beat from that era has surfaced in Tia London’s new track, “Kanye Rant”. No word on if Yeezy authorized the beat to be used, but this is definitely early

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