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AUDIO: TableForFour – “Be There”

Milwaukee’s TableForFour are back with their third single release, “Be There”, which premiered yesterday via HipHopDX. The track is a shift in sound from the witch house group, backed by production from members Plaga and B.U.. An assist on the hook comes from vocalist Jayne Joyce, and other vocalist Yasuke, as well as B.U. share verses on this track. There’s

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REVIEW: Purity Ring at The Pabst Theater

Performing electronic music live can often be tricky to pull off effectively. The notion of pre-programmed sound in a “live” setting almost sounds counter-intuitive, and more importantly, can look stagnant if done poorly. On Wednesday night at the Pabst Theater, Purity Ring did electronic in the most entertaining way possible. In a word, the show was a spectacle, to say

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