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AUDIO: AndThenThereWasTito – “Eureka II”

Milwaukee native Slowlife Tito is back, this time under the guise of AndThenThereWasTito, with new project “Eureka II”. The project is a sequel to the tape that Tito dropped when he was 16, then under the name Tito The Scumbag. This time around, he brings nine tracks total to the project, with features from a slew of artists, including Chakara

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AUDIO: Slowlife Tito & $uki – “Overdrive” EP

Slowlife Tito hit us with a barrage of emails, showing us all of the things that he’s been up to recently. In fact, if we’re being honest, we’ve lost count of how many drops Tito has had this year. A couple emails in, we noticed this collaborative EP with $uki, “Overdrive”. Never one to disappoint, the duo take four tracks

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