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‘Jumper Cables’ by Caleb Miller Will Make You Dance and Swoon at The Same Time

Caleb Miller is an up and coming artist that is far from ordinary. If there’s a phrase that could describe his music, it’s “the good ole’ classic days of Twenty-One Pilots.”  He released his first single ‘Jumper Cables’ last June. The song has already garnered over 55 thousand streams since its upload date. ‘Jumper Cables’ is a feel-good song that

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VIDEO: Kanye West – “All Day” Live at the Brit Awards

Yeezy back. The 2015 Brit Awards saw the debut of the new Kanye West track “All Day”. Nothing short of previous Kanye appearances, this had everything you could have wanted; a super awkward introduction from Kim Kardashian, “Left Flamethrower”, which didn’t seem to work, Taylor Swift getting down to this sick beat(©), and numerous celebrities looking less than enthused with

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2015 Grammy Predictions

The 2015 Grammys are this weekend, and naturally it’s a who’s who of pop culture in 2015. While Eminem may not give a damn about a Grammy, it’s a huge honor (and record sale booster) if you’re lucky enough to win one. In some ways, predicting the Grammys is kind of a tough call, because it’s not always about picking

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