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AUDIO: Bad Mongos – “Shoot The Bullet”

Spanish punks Bad Mongos hadn’t really made a name for themselves in the United States with their initial run near the dawn of the millennium, but after a twelve-year hiatus, the group is out to make noise with their new album, “Shoot The Bullet”. The band has reformed, and their new release is thirteen tracks of in your face, straight

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AUDIO: The Penny Cocks – “Fake Gold and Broken Teeth”

Barcelona punks The Penny Cocks recently put out their second LP, “Fake Gold and Broken Teeth” on Spanish label BCore Disc, and it’s a release that is definitely worth your attention. With an overdose of energy, the album calls upon everything from punk to  50’s pop, to straight up rock and roll, and is a relentless stream of punk rock

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