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AUDIO: Show You Suck – “One Man (Pizza Party)”

Chicago’s Show You Suck is known for always doing something unique. As a result, he often finds himself in his own lane, and that loner tendency comes out in “One Man (Pizza Party)”. Did we mention SYS is really a big fan of pizza? Because he is. We can’t fault him, either.  “One Man (Pizza Party)” features a spacy beat

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NatNaiel – “Pizza” (Mixtape)

I had to listen to this one. I love pizza. I had pizza tonight for dinner. Therefore, I felt obligated to listen to NatNaiel’s “Pizza” mixtape. Much like pizza, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 17 really diverse tracks from the New Jersey native, and it really impressed me. One minute, there’s this crazy dubstep beat with him rapping over it, and

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