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VIDEO: Garbage Featuring Brody Dalle – “Girls Talk”

Brody Dalle of the Distillers has been surfacing a lot recently. The frontwoman just released her debut solo album, “Diploid Love”, and amongst all of the promotional material that comes with a new album, she also had time to be on the new Garbage single. In the video, Shirley Manson and Brody trade off vocals in one take, shot by

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AUDIO: The Obvious – “Bringing Wreck”

This is another South By Southwest discovery that I’m really glad that I stumbled upon. On… one of the days that I was there (after a while, it started to blend), I caught the very end of The Obvious’s set. In fact, I caught them from outside of the bar, through a doorway, because frontwoman Surojanie Sugrim was busy tearing

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AUDIO: Dave Grohl’s Teenage Band, Dain Bramage

The internet has been buzzing this week over a set of demos that were unearthed by Antiquiet, which features Dave Grohl’s high-school era band, Dain Bramage. Recorded in the 1986, you can hear Grohl in all of his pre-Nirvana glory. Spoiler alert: he was killing it, as you can hear below. The group also had an album out in their

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