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Jae Brinks – “Goodbye”

More new music sent to me from New York. I always like it when stuff gets sent to me from outside of the midwest. Jae Brinks shows a new side on “Goodbye”, a more personal, heartfelt track. If you’ve ever been stressed out, this is that feeling in a song. Can’t fault Jae for putting that feeling down on a

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Supreme Sniper, Broadway Barrett, Robyn Spree, Real Roach, Street Sweepa, & Jae Brinks – “Ghetto Dreams”

Jae Brinks has been telling me about this crazy collaboration that he’s been working on in New York. What came of it was “Ghetto Dreams”, a collection of six rappers on one beat. Collaborations like this are a usually a competition to see who has the best verse, and this one is no exception. Check this out and write in

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A-Boogz – “Throw Up Flow” / Jae Brinks “F.E.M.A. Freestyle”

I’ve been getting some music sent to me from New York recently, and I’m pretty impressed from what I’ve heard. The first track is by Jae Brinks, the “F.E.M.A. Freestyle”. This track is ready for your car’s sound system, and that’s saying something considering I drive a ’96 Oldsmobile. The flow reminds me of Childish Gambino, but that’s definitely not

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