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Nandan’s ‘Mental’ Is About Losing Your Sanity During Quarantine

Nandan is a Bangladeshi-born singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada. He has multiple styles when it comes to creating songs. Even his musical influences vary from time to time. Therefore, it is hard to pin down what Nandan’s genre is. For him, his music is “something for everyone.” Nandan labels himself as an “experimental” artist. His songs are unpredictable, and it gives

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Lose Yourself In The Digital World With Nandan’s ‘Digitalia’

Nandan (full name Munshi Ashkaruzzaman Nandan) is a Bangladeshi-born singer/songwriter hailing from Thorold, Ontario. Nandan’s musical influences stem from various music genres, leading to him creating songs in multiple unique styles. Nandan has a ‘something for everyone’ type of approach to his music – a true jack of all trades. This approach has led to inconsistency with maintaining one specific

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