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AUDIO: King Fantastic – “Expats”

Ever since I was introduced to King Fantastic’s music, shortly after their “Finger Snaps and Gun Claps” album dropped, I’ve been eager for more and more music from Troublemaker and Killer Reese One. The duo have slowed down in some respects, but a new mixtape featuring remixes, edits, and blends of the tracks that helped develop their following is very

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VIDEO: King Fantastic – “Spooky Spooks And The Trouble With Capitalism”

King Fantastic have made a much-awaited return with their album “The Great Man Theory”, and that’s amplified by the single “Spooky Spooks And The Trouble With Capitalism”. If you’ve ever seen a King Fantastic video before, you know that things can be a bit out there. This one is admittedly a bit tamer than most, although Killer Reese One has

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AUDIO: King Fantastic – “Yup… Yup… Yup…”

LA’s King Fantastic is back, to the delight of thousands of eagerly waiting fans, after emcee Killer Reese One finished serving a lengthy jail sentence. The duo clearly couldn’t wait to release something for the fans, and so “Yup… Yup… Yup…” is a welcome sight for a lot of people, myself included. Clocking in at under two minutes, it really

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