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AUDIO: Pizzle Featuring Rah Rah The Savage – “Tokyo Love”

In the two-plus preparation for “Grand Design” to drop, notable Milwaukee rapper Pizzle has released a new promotional track, this time featuring Rah Rah The Savage (and additional vocals from Job Jetson), entitled “Tokyo Love”. The track features production from frequent collaborator Derelle Rideout, and Pizzle’s flow matches the style that we’ve come to expect from him. The introduction of

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AUDIO: Job Jetson – “Brain On Drugs”

Spontaneity is sometimes key. On a whim, Job Jetson released a brand new track today, entitled “Brain On Drugs”.  Featuring some top-quality production, and a healthy dose of autotune, Job takes us through a slurry, mellowed out track about, well, drugs. The song, produced by Marc Benjamin$ and Bromar, is in anticipation of his upcoming project, “The Astral Playing”. Check

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VIDEO: Job Jetson – “VooDoo”

With a tendency for strong production and cinematic qualities, Job Jetson recently dropped his video for “VooDoo”. The single is nothing short of melodic, with just a little bit of edge to it in the verses. The video is really well shot, and and it is apparent that there was a lot of effort put into the quality of this

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