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AUDIO: Paper Holland – “Fast Food”

Gary Numan, electronic music icon, and the one-hit wonder behind the famous track “Cars”, notoriously crafted his sound by playing around with a synthesizer that was left over after a studio session. In a similar manner, Paper Holland’s “Fast Food” EP features similar experimentation, while still remaining rooted in creating catchy, fun, pop tunes. In five short tracks, Paper Holland

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Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 10/25/13 – Paper Holland

Are you a Milwaukee musician/band? You can submit your music to be the Milwaukee Artist of the Week by emailing links to info@BreakingAndEntering.net. We’ll check out every submission we get! We first discovered this week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week, Paper Holland, in a staircase. Literally, sort of. The first time we had seen Paper Holland, it was in the

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