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VIDEO: Pearl St. Co-Op Cypher (SXSW 2015)

Without a show to shoot on Friday night at SXSW, I decided to throw together a cypher on 6th St. and film it. However, from that, it was also decided that there should be a second cypher at the Pearl St. Co-Op later that night. I walked into a full on college rager, and the cypher only made things crazier.

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VIDEO: 6th Street Cypher (SXSW 2015)

So here’s a cool thing that we did. With a hole in my SXSW schedule, I decided to throw an impromptu cypher on 6th Street (where all the unofficial parties are) in Austin. This area is notorious for seeing pop up performances on street corners, and during SXSW the area is literally filled with talented artists from all over the

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VIDEO: Riverwest Public House Cypher

A little late to this, but last week we were at the Riverwest Public House for Klutch, DayNAge, and a host of others. The show kicked off with a cypher, and plenty of local names came out to make an appearance. This definitely had a very old school hip hop feel to it, and you’d be hard pressed to find

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